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Creating business solutions together

Packaging is your most visible brand ambassador. We can make it work harder for your business. More than thirty years in the business have given us the technical knowhow, staff, and equipment to print just about any folded carton or creation you can imagine. But that’s just part of what keeps our business growing and customers trusting us with their next business endeavor. What sets Everett apart is our unique combination of advanced printing capabilities, incomparable service, passion for detail, and a willingness to go the extra mile for our customers, including developing new production capabilities and innovative solutions. Everett can help you:

  • Differentiate your brand in the marketplace with unique design elements
  • Keep your product looking great, even when exposed to oils and moisture
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment and lead the way in recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials
  • Streamline the manufacturing processes, reduce costs, and increase production capacity
  • Deliver a better customer experience with more convenient, appealing, and environmentally friendly packaging

Expertise and innovation at every stage of production

When you choose Everett, you benefit from a team of experts and global partnerships that make innovative solutions possible. From the initial planning stages to press checks, finishing, and shipping, your Everett representative will manage your job every step of the way, ensuring excellence in production quality and on-time delivery. We bring together all elements of package design and production under one roof.


Whether you need a folded carton or point of purchase display, we’ll work with you to create a beautiful, functional, efficient design that protects your product and showcases your brand. Our experienced design team uses the latest tools and technologies to engineer the ideal structural design and ensure design integrity and precision.


Our in-house lab and extensive partnerships mean we can create solutions tailored to your specific needs, from barrier coatings that let your brand presentation stay fresh even in the presence of moisture and oils; matte and glossy finishes; metallic inks; eco-friendly inks; and more.


We can source and print on a wide array of substrates, from uncoated chipboard to paper stocks made from recycled and post-consumer waste to plastics and more. Corrugated, foil-laminated, polyethylene-coated, recycled—we can print on whatever substrate protects your product and showcases your brand most effectively.


Visual enhancements help differentiate your product and drive sales. Everett is G7 Master certified and offers a wide range of special printing effects, including embossing, raised print, spot gloss, and dull varnish coating. Our unique litho laminating capabilities let us litho laminate multiple substrates and accommodate a variety of shapes, designs, and effects for improved strength and graphic impact.


Finishing touches are part of what set Everett apart. From tamper-resistant window film and other security features to peel and seal adhesives, tear tape, stretch film, and special closure enhancements, we can execute most any technical feature. Finishing your job properly also means making sure your brand and creative materials are protected from infringement and guaranteeing error-free graphics as part of our commitment to your business success.


Our generous onsite warehouse allows us to economically store and maintain inventory, making just-in-time delivery easy. Our shipping coordinator works with in-house drivers, local courier services, and long-haul freight companies to ensure that you get what you need, where and when you need it.


Leading the way in environmentally responsible business practices isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for business. Everett makes it a priority to find ways to make packaging more environmentally friendly. From sourcing recycled and post-consumer materials to developing compostable packaging—even for moisture-prone supermarket produce aisles—we’ve found effective ways to reduce the amount of plastic, Styrofoam, and other materials headed for landfills. Let us help you demonstrate your commitment to the environment to your customers.