• Collection: Advance Micro Devices

About this Collection

Advance Micro Devices needed a way to let consumers see their processors without removing them from the box. Since processors can be expensive, it was important that the window be extremely tamper resistant—such that it couldn’t be punctured or removed without destroying the box. Everett’s technical expertise in die-cutting and advanced adhesives made us uniquely suited to design and produce such a package, which ultimately included a sturdy seven-millimeter window and tear-tape adhesive combination that was extremely resistant to tampering.

In addition to technical challenges, AMD required a high level of security at every stage of design and production—including accounting for every printed sheet and carton. The Everett commitment to quality, service, and precision detail makes us an ideal partner for companies like AMD that have a variety of special requirements and no margin for error. In collaboration with AMD, we implemented a variety of new processes and factory enhancements to satisfy their security needs, from cameras, alarms, and special code-protected areas to strictly enforced quality procedures from design to distribution.


Client: Advance Micro Devices